Question: Eustoma Grandiflora

Dear Editor of "The gardening"
I would like to ask you some information about a lovely white-flowered plant that I was given as a present. The only thing I know is the name on the card: Eustoma
grandiflora. How is it cultivated? Where is he from?
Thank you for the attention you will dedicate to me and congratulations for the site.
Valeria Z.

Answer: Eustoma Grandiflora

Eustoma Grandiflora, also known as Gentian Grassland, is a perennial plant that is usually grown as an annual. It is a plant that fears the cold and which must therefore be kept indoors (or outside only in the summer). If placed outside it must be positioned in full sun. It does not need abundant watering (especially if at home) and suffers particularly from water stagnation (so I advise you not to leave water in the saucer in order to avoid the onset of fungal diseases).