Butcher's broom, Butcher's broom - Ruscus aculeatus


Name: Ruscus aculeatus L.
Family: Liliaceae.
Common names: Piccasorci, crazy asparagus, cocca grass, tongue.
Habitat: Wooded areas up to 800 meters high.
Parts used: Sprouts and roots.
Harvest: The shoots from March to May, the roots between September and November.

Butcher's Broom, Rusco - Ruscus aculeatus: Property

Conservation: The rhizome cleans and then dries in the sun, the shoots are used only fresh in the kitchen.
Properties: The rhizome is protein and diuretic. Use: Internal use: decoction and root dyeing; external use: decoction of the rhizome to combat hemorrhoids and against swelling of the legs.,
Notes: Butcher's sprouts, with their characteristic bitter taste, are highly sought after. For cooking it is advisable to tie them in small bunches and cook them with the tops facing upwards. Once boiled they can be consumed in salads, in the preparation of salads or soups.