Potos, also called epipremnum, is one of the most widespread houseplants; in nature it develops in the shaded areas of the rainforests, where it has climbing or falling growth. In the apartment the rapid development of the long flexible branches is exploited by fixing them to a long guard covered in moss; or the plant is planted in hanging pots or baskets, from which the branches will fall gently. The plant needs a luminous position, but not directly exposed to sunlight; the waterings will be regular, from March to September, sporadic in the autumn and winter period; avoid exceeding the water supply, but also leaving the plant in dry and dry soil for very long periods of time; during the vegetative period we supply fertilizer for green plants, every 12-15 days. Potos tend to develop very long, losing the branches at the base of the plant; to favor the development of branches also in the lower part of the plant, making it more compact, it is good to shorten the longer branches periodically.